Concerns Over Old Age, Health Discourage People From Traveling

TOKYO (Kyodo)–The number of domestic stay-over trips is decreasing, particularly among those in their 60s, the most frequent travelers, reflecting their concerns about their future lives and health, the government white paper on tourism showed Tuesday.

People in their 60s went on stay-over trips 1.86 times in fiscal 2007, down 19 percent from the peak in fiscal 2004, according to the white paper.

Among young people, declines in their incomes and holidays were cited as reasons for their decrease in travel, the white paper said.

Given these circumstances, the Japan Tourism Agency stressed the need particularly to attract baby boomers to tourist sights by introducing long-stay programs and encouraging them to travel on weekdays.

The average traveler stayed 2.42 nights domestically in fiscal 2007, down 16 percent from the peak in fiscal 2005. The government, meanwhile, aims to encourage travelers to stay more than four nights domestically by fiscal 2010.

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