Japan looks to support it’s airlines.

In a move that will provide direct subsidies to All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines the Nikkei has reported on measures that the government is said to be considering.

Given the general lack of government support around the world for airlines in this economic environment, how long before IATA voices it’s concerns? The reduced landing fees will no doubt provide cross subsidies for JAL’s and ANA’s international operations. To create a level playing field, should not landing fees be cut across the board including Narita and Kansai, so the whole travel industry in Japan can benefit supporting outbound and inbound tourism.

Japan Mulls Cutting Landing Fees for Domestic Flights

TOKYO (Nikkei)–The government is to give the nation’s struggling airlines more landing slots at Tokyo’s Haneda airport and could trim landing fees on domestic flights by around 5% as part of an assistance package put together Wednesday by the Transport Ministry.

Landing fee revenues at government-operated airports, like Haneda and Itami, are seen totaling 82.9 billion yen in fiscal 2009. But fee reductions could lop 4-5 billion yen off that tally.

The government will also request that the Development Bank of Japan provide additional financing to the airlines.

(The Nikkei April 9 morning edition)

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